Thai Orchid Addison

  1. Panang Curry
    Panang Curry
    Choice of beef, chicken or pork simmered with coconut and panang curry; mixed with green peas and bay leaves.
  2. Basil Salmon
    Basil Salmon
    Crispy salmon and vegetables in basil sauce.
  3. Thai Fried Rice
    Thai Fried Rice
    Thai style fried rice with your choice of chicken, beef or pork; stir-fried with eggs, tomatoes and onion.
  4. Pad Kee Mow (Basil Noodle)
    Pad Kee Mow (Basil Noodle)
    Stir-fried rice flat noodle with your choice of meat, mixed with egg,tomatoes, broccoli, onion, and basil leaves.
  5. Pad Plik King (Thai Chili)
    Pad Plik King (Thai Chili)
    Sauteed meat mixed with fresh green beans, and red bell peppers; stir-fried in chili sauce.
  6. Green Curry
    Green Curry
    Choice of chicken, beef , or pork simmered in coconut milk and green curry mixed with egg plant, green peas, and basil leaves.
  7. Curry Fried Rice
    Curry Fried Rice
    Curry flavored fried rice with your choice of chicken, beef or pork; stir-fried with eggs, tomatoes and onion.
  8. Crispy Duck
    Crispy Duck
    Crispy duck served with mixed vegetables, plum and peanut sauce.
  9. Fried Ice Cream
    Fried Ice Cream
    Crispy vanilla ice cream. Hot outside and cold inside.

Review from our customers
  1. Tony Romo - FB Sept 2015
    Great food and great service, had the Thai Tea and Red Curry with chicken, it was AWESOME!
    Tony Romo - FB Sept 2015
  2. Jonathan W. - Google, June 2014
    If you want great, genuine Thai food, then you have found the perfect place. The menu offers a wide variety of delicious Thai food and provides an accurate English description of the meal. After visiting multiple times, I have never once been disappointed and I found the service and food to be exceptional. Personally, I would recommend the Orchid Sampler (share this with another person) as an appetizer, the Thai tea (delicious, but not-overly sweet) to drink, and the Phuket Island as a main course. However, as long as you enjoy Thai food, you will find something to love on the menu for a most reasonable price.
    Jonathan W. - Google, June 2014
  3. Chris P. - FB June 2013
    Wish I could give it a 6* rating like how I get my Pad Kee Mao. I have been coming here for over three years on a regular basis, and have got to know the staff and owner. They are a great group of people, who ooze customer service. I have dabbled in some other (other than PKM) dishes at Thai Orchid, and those were just great too. I am not sure if it is the consistency, which is amazing, the quality, or what. But it all comes together time and time again for a great dining experience. I have been able to take my wife out for Pad Kee Mao at a half dozen locations around Dallas, and the last time we went back to Thai Orchid, she said "You know, this really is the best thai restaurant I have been to". She always wondered why I kept going to TO over and over... The reason is the staff, and the food are great, and very reasonably priced.
    Chris P. - FB June 2013
  4. Michael H. - FB, Nov. 2015
    Great authentic Thai food. They prepare Thai food just like I remember it when I lived in Thailand.
    Michael H. - FB, Nov. 2015
  5. Tammy D. - FB Nov.2015
    Great food and quick service! Family friendly and good prices too.
    Tammy D. - FB Nov.2015
  6. Letty CM - FB Nov. 2015
    tienes q probar Está deliciosa la comida en mi próximo cumpleaños iré a DallasTX.. a festejar mis ??????? años jrje5 You must try it's delicious lunch on my next birthday I'll go to dallastx.. To celebrate my??????? Years jrje5
    Letty CM - FB Nov. 2015